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Sean Combs Interview About I Am King Fragrance

In an interview conducted with Sean Combs at his Bad Boy Entertainment offices in Manhattan, he stated that “I Am King is a statement about all men” he goes on to state that  “We are all descendents of royalty - and if we carry ourselves and respect ourselves in that manner and believe in ourselves, then we are all kings.”
He goes on to state that “I believe in positive affirmations. If I say, ‘I am not going to succeed, I’m a loser,’ then that’s what I am going to …

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Welcome to the I am King Blog

Welcome to the I am King blog. Here you will get the latest information, news and articles all related to the brand new Sean John I Am King Cologne. We have spent a considerable amount of time doing research and writing reviews to ensure that you our readers are well informed about this fragrance.
You can consider this blog the ultimate information resource on this cologne. Aside from providing information, we have also a special section where people can purchase “I Am King“. Our partnerships will ensure that you will …

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Sean John’s Marketing Plan For I Am King/Queen Fragrance

The success of Sean John’s Forgivable fragrance has led hip hop Presario Sean “Diddy” Combs to launch a new line of cologne called “I Am King.” The cologne is set to have a December launch and will be supported by an I Am King print ad campaign. These ads will be found in various lifestyle and urban magazines as well as an accompanying outdoor campaign. The TV and print campaigns started in September and it essentially portrays Combs in mogul mode. He flies to exotic locales with beautiful women …